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Ultimate Heavy Duty Desktop Printing Calculator By Monroe

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The ultimate is just that, the ultimate Monroe calculator. Monroe’s experience, clearly evident in every detail of design and function. The velvet touch of IKT (individual keyswitch technology) immediately responds to your touch. A huge green flourescent display pampers your eyes. The enclosed paper roll protects your investment, while spare supplies storage compartments enhance your productivity. Editing capability and trademark functions make this the ultimate, dare we say, adding machine.

Please note in comments of order if you want Black or Ivory. If none is selected we reserve the right to send either color.


  • Type: Heavy Duty Desktop Print/Display Calculator
  • Capacity: 12 Digit Print/Display, 24 Digit Calculating
  • Print Speed: 5.0 Lines Per Second
  • Inking System: Black/Red Ribbon Cartridge or Black/Red Spool Ribbon
  • Display: Large, easy to read green fluorescent
  • Keyboard: IKT (Individual Keyswitch Technology)
  • Decimal Settings: +, F, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6
  • Rounding: Truncate, 5/4 Roundoff, Round Up
  • Memory(s): (2) 4 Key Independent Memories
  • Percent: Percent with %+ and %- capability
  • Tax: Tax with tax+ and tax- capability
  • Grand Total: Group and Grand Total
  • Two Column Addition: Add two columns simultaneously then combine totals
  • Item Count: Intelligent Item Count, Automatic Averaging
  • Back Space: Entry error correction through Back Space Key
  • Date/Time: Time/Date Stamp and/or Reference # printing
  • Time Clock: In the time position, add/subtract or calculate in hours/minutes
  • Editing: Full editing capability, including replace, insert and reprint
  • Finance: Compute Present Value, Future Value, Interest Rate, Term, Payment and Amortize
  • Time Card: Calculate hours and minutes worked, compute days between dates, future and past dates
  • Currency Conversion: Convert 5 currencies including Home currency
  • Tax: Store up to 5 tax rates. Compute add-on, discount or VAT
  • Profit: Calculate Cost, Sell or Margin, 1/x (reciprocal) and % change
  • Memory II: Second fully independent four key memory and Reverse
  • Crossfooting: Sum columns and rows automatically, compute proration, percent distribution, averaging, more

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