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ATR360 Top Loading Biometric Electronic Time Clock. No PC required! By Acroprint

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Acroprint ATR360 Top Loading Biometric Electronic Time Clock

The ATR360 is a top-loading punch clock that uses familiar time cards for recordkeeping purposes and offers a biometric fingerprint scanner to eliminate costly “buddy punching.” Employees simply press their enrolled finger against the fingerprint scanner on the ATR360. Once their fingerprint has been scanned and accepted, the time will be printed on their time card.

If you prefer to use badges, the ATR360 also includes a proximity reader that allows the use of either proximity badges or convenient key fobs to identify employees. Once their badge or key fob has been read and accepted, the time will be printed on their timecard.


  • All the great benefits of the ATR240, plus:
  • Biometric verification stops costly buddy punching in its tracks.
  • Proximity reader uses badges or handy key fobs to idenfity employees.
  • Bright, backlit digital display is easily readable, even from a distance.
  • Supports weekly and monthly pay periods.
  • Two-color printing identifies early and late punches in red for faster, more accurate payroll processing.
  • Build-in programmable chime to notify employees of shifts and breaks.
  • Support for external signal control (requires relay box, sold separately).
  • Automatic Daylight Saving Time adjustments.
  • Optional battery pack allows employees to clock in and out even during a power outage.
  • Requires the use of ATR241 time cards

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